The Original. Designed, developed & Made in Germany.

Cellulite? Overweight? Exercise fatigue?

Do it the holistic and relaxed way – with SLIMYONIK® AIR.

The Bodystyler with computer-assisted pressure-wave massage and oxygen inhaler gently mobilises your lymphatic system and stimulates metabolic activity as well as blood circulation in the skin and fat tissue.

And now imagine how well this works with 30% more oxygen.

SLIMYONIK AIR® has already turned countless customers into loyal feel-good fans.

Cellulite, Relax and Lymph Massage
Holistically relaxing and regenerating
Plus Oxygen Booster for maximum effect

24 pressure chambers, 11 algorithms, 8 programmes, one goal: Lasting satisfaction.

Use the latest scientific findings for your well-being. The SLIMYONIK® AIR Bodystyler’s fine-tuned chamber-pressure sequences stimulate metabolic activity through pressure-wave massage. At the same time, your body gets an oxygen boost. This creates the ideal conditions for optimum fat burning.

  • Slim Massage
  • Cellulite Massage
  • Lymph Massage
  • Relax Massage
  • Pre & Post (Cryo)Lipolysis
  • Post HIIT / EMS / Vibro
  • Pre & Post Laser Lipolysis RF
  • Post Sport Massage

Nourish your body inside and out.

The SLIMYONIK® concept was developed and continuously refined based on scientific findings, modern technologies, and high-quality ingredients. The SLIMYONIK® product line perfectly complements the treatment.

SLIMYONIK® Body Contour Gel

Bioactive substances such as rosemary, ivy extract, camphor, menthol and nicotine as well as the heat effect increase skin functions and the oxygen content in weak tissue. The skin surface appears smoother and firmer, and the “orange-peel effect” is significantly reduced.

SLIMYONIK® Silhouette Refiner

The powerful active ingredient SLIMEXIR® inhibits the formation of new fat cells, reduces fat storage, and accelerates the breakdown of existing fat when used regularly (twice daily). The pleasant, fresh gel texture makes it easy to apply and spread on the skin.

SLIMYONIK® Natural Beauty & Body Shake

The SLIMYONIK® Natural Beauty and Body Shake was developed specifically for weight-control nutrition. Thanks to the balanced combination of vegetable protein and important nutrient groups, we have developed a product for you that is completely natural! 

SLIMYONIK® Base Complex

The SLIMYONIK® Base Complex makes a valuable contribution to an even acid-base balance. Thanks to its perfect combination of plant and mineral ingredients, it contains the alkaline minerals trimagnesium citrate and tripotassium citrate in organic form. 

N'YOU® Collagen Refresher | Drinking Ampoules

Enjoy beauty that tastes of cranberry and pomegranate. The secret of N’YOU® Collagen Refresher drinking ampoules? Zinc, biotin, phytoceramides and collagen work deep down from the inside out giving your appearance a youthful freshness in the most natural way.

N'YOU® Skin Refresher | Line Lift Cream

The Line Lift Cream N'YOU® Skin Refresher absorbs quickly into the skin and is well-suited as a regenerative moisturiser for all skin types. The light formula free of fragrances & colourants is applied regularly for a youthfully vigorous, fine and glowing complexion.

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